Saturday, 27 September 2014

Religion; Just ideas

Religious practices are all ideas thought of and introduced to suit the environment it emanates from..... In Christianity,John the Baptist introduced water baptism because he lived in Samaria, Galilee and Judea. He and the people had access to the River Jordan. There is not a single river in the whole of Saudi Arabia, therefore it's practically impossible to introduce water immersion as a form of baptism in Islam. Almost all African traditional religions use the river for cleansing, sacrifices, requests and even worship because there are rivers all over Africa..... Serpent Worship for instance is present in a lot of countries because snakes exists there. You won't expect snake worshipers to exist in countries and regions where there are no snakes like New Zealand, Hawaii and even Ireland. Religious practices in modern days has evolved to a point where we accept Syncretism. Folks now merge theology and tend to accept social constructionism. Believers considers their immediate environment and adjust to practices that suits them.